Summer Festivities

Around the beginning of September I realized that this summer was undisputedly quite epic. Apart from a trip to the drunken lands of the New England area, I felt fortunate to have experienced some magical moments at Osheaga in Montreal. Me and some of my old timer buddies from across North America gathered to meet at this music festival lasting 3 days featuring some 90 bands. A ridiculously awesome time to say the least. Other gigs like Coachella, EDC, Burning Man, TomorrowLand, etc, have suddenly become a bucket list priority. Upon my return to Vancouver that entire Osheaga expedition seemed to have passed by as a dream.

Music Festival
To give me some hope while I suffered from my post-Osheaga blues, I had a Dave Matthews Band concert to look forward to. These guys play every year at the Gorge in Quincy, WA, and this time I just had to go. Well worth it, what a fantastic venue for an outdoor gig. The venue has me sold on attending the Sasquatch Festival sometime soon, yet another must-go-to event! Music Festivals = Awesome time.


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