Revisiting the roots

Many months ago I had convinced my buddy that there was no chance I’d make it to his wedding in March. As I got off the plane in Karachi, Pakistan, on the morning of March 2nd I knew that this surprise I’d been planning all along would be an epic, memorable and insanely enjoyable adventure. And it really was!


After the short week-long stay in the motherland, I returned to Vancouver just in time to prepare for a patriotic Pakistani performance. Pakistan Day was held at Royal King Palace in Surrey on March 23rd. I had the honour of leading the Pakistani National Anthem as well as presenting a piece on the history of Pakistani music. It was quite gratifying.

CollageIn closing, in spirit of revisiting the roots, I’d like to sign off with my name in Urdu:


Enjoy the spring season my friends!


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  1. Mehvash

    Great pictures. Sounds like a fun trip. Would love to hear samples from your performance at the Pakistan Day

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