Musical May

For nearly a year, my mother and I went to Vancouver’s Hawkers Market as food vendors. Food-lovers of all shapes and sizes would try out our home-cooked Biryani. Sadly, just before the Market’s first anniversary we decided our foodie venture wasn’t very scalable and there was no business objective of participating at the Market.

Since I had always pictured Hawkers Market as a great platform for doing a show, I arranged for some live entertainment at the most recent event on May 10th. The outcome was simply amazing!

Hawkers Market

The venue was ideal for our set up. We rented some sound and lighting equipment and made sure things were working well before the event began. I had a friend collaborate with me and the drummer where we improvised a large portion of the set after ripping through some of my tracks. A wide range of instruments were involved, we’d swap instruments effortlessly in the middle of our jam. From the off-stage jumps to the freebies and give-aways, it was pure awesomeness all around.

The steel pan was a particularly unique addition to the performance:

Later in the month, I had the privilege to play at Vancouver’s Vogue Theatre with a local band called Naqsh – we opened for a much respected performer from Pakistan, Saeen Zahoor! This venue has hosted an incredible amount of musicians that I’ve followed throughout my life – this gig was effectively a milestone! Here’s a snapshot from the drummer’s perspective on this fantastic stage:



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